Eric Gatlin

“They did my personal home and the work was great. They did not show up the first time so I had to follow-up but the second time everything went smoothly. The second experience went horribly. They gave me a quick estimate for a client of mine and we chose to move forward for a certain day to complete the work. Something came up and I contacted them to let them know we needed to push the job back a couple of days…what I did not know is that they already decided to move the job from Wednesday to a Saturday without notifying me. Saturday came around and I got a call that they were on their way so I thought all was good. I came back into town on Monday to inspect the work and noticed it had not been completed. I reached out to one of the people and they said that they decided not to go because of the payment terms then I got another answer that they decide not to go because it was raining which is understandable. They said that they called me and told me this but obviously they did not. We clarified the payment terms and agreed on a plan. At this point they said they would look at the schedule and call me back…they never did. Four texts and two phone calls later by me and I still cannot get a response from them. I can tell that they have read my messages through text thanks to Apple read receipts but they still won’t respond to me. This is very unprofessional which makes me not want to recommend them at all even though they do good work once they show up. At the least I can this was a very disappointing experience since I thought I found a great business to partner with since I am a property manger of well over 100 properties that all have gutters.”

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